Cen-Tex Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center

Serving people in need by providing treatment and supportive services that enable citizens to regain their health and become responsible members of our communities.


To acquire, build, maintain, equip, manage, and operate an alcohol and drug treatment center within the boundaries of Bell and surrounding counties. To do everything necessary and expedient to the operation of a facility for the treatment of individuals suffering from the effects of chemical addiction. To offer the tools necessary to rehabilitate themselves in order to re-enter society.



Cen-Tex began in 1976 as a nonprofit organization whose goal it was to help men who were suffering from the addiction of alcoholism. Since that beginning, Cen-Tex has partnered with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the Texas Rehabilitation Commission, the Veterans Administration, Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Bell County’s court ordered offenders to address issues of both alcohol and drug addiction.

The stay at Cen-Tex is from 60 to 90 days, based on individual needs. While here, the clients are taught life skills, gaining knowledge of relapse prevention skills, gaining more knowledge about addiction, attending group counseling sessions as well as individual counseling with an assigned counselor. Clients who are able to work are required to obtain employment and start a savings account with their earned income. This enables clients to have money to start a new and healthy lifestyle upon their leaving Cen-Tex. Clients are also encouraged to work to earn weekend passes to re-establish and mend past relationships.